Expat on a Budget

How to Afford Full-Time Travel

Beyond Teaching Online, 11 High Demand Jobs you Can do Anywhere
Great article by Cepee from She Hit Refresh

My Favorite Book that Covers Almost Every Work Opportunity:
Work From Home While You Roam – the ultimate guide to jobs that can done anywhere.

Places to Find Remote Work
Working Nomads
The Top 60 Remote Work Websites in 2022
We Work Remotely

Work/Live Opportunities
Work Away
Auxiliares de Conversacion in Spain
Becoming an Au Pair

Scott’s Cheap Flights
Google Flights

Hotel Deals:

The Professional Hobo who amasses some fantastic travel information after being a full time digital nomad for 12 years!

YouTube (and most are also on Instagram and TikTok)
Nora Dunn’s YouTube, The Professional Hobo (who’s lived as a full time nomad for over 12 years) – she drops daily gems on her Instagram too!
Traveling with Kristin: Great Overall Information about living in many countries (including the Schengen Shuffle) with a 15+ year digital nomad.​
In Search of Traveler – Ashley who is a full-time digital nomad living in hotels for $2K a month.
Living in a Prius
Living in a MiniVan with Minivan Lee who began on $600 a month.

Badass Digital Nomads with Kristin
Mikkel Thorup – The Expat Money Show
Jessica Drucker – Adventure Calls

How to move to Europe (available visa opportunities)
Expat Secrets: How To Pay Zero Taxes, Live Overseas & Make Giant Piles of Money
How to Move Abroad by Jessica Drucker
How to get Free Accommodations Around the World by Nora Dunn

Ashley McCurdy’s The Best Travel Tips, is hands down, the best class for full-time travel class I’ve ever taken. Ashley also has a new class: Digital Nomad Life 101, everything you need to know to get started.
Travel Hacking using Credit Cards AKA Fly Free Academy with the Points Partner Owen Beiny. This class is in-depth at covering which cards do what, how to fly for free, increase your credit score and so much more.
International Housesitting Academy – this class is amazing. It covers how and why you should house sit (for free accommodations around the world) and they’ve included so much extra content including ideas about how to earn on the road and downsizing tips.​

Podcast Episodes Mentioned in the Podcast/YouTube:
Expat Jen lives in Cambodia and teaches English online
Jules Dandelion busked through the US in vanlife
Mandy has lived as a full time nomad, mostly in Europe for 12 years

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