Expat on a Budget

Become: An Expat, Digital Nomad, Vanlifer - Set Yourself Free!

Articles and blog posts and a podcast about personal experiences of living in Portugal as a US Expat. Part memoir, part travelogue, part resource, some humor.

Expating, Digital Nomading and/or Vanlifing on a Budget

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Information on full time travel, the Portuguese D7 Visa, websites, books, other helpful classes and other podcasts and YouTubers.

The new podcast offers short, ten minute episodes with Kimberly Anne speaking about expating life in Portugal.

Old Podcast

This old podcast contains so much valuable information! Hour long interviews featuring full time nomads, entrepreneurs and vanlifers from all walks of life.

Vanlife - How & Why

Answers to vanlife. How KA did it. Why she did it and how you can do it too from $600 to under $2000 a month.